Promotional Gifts

Why your Company should use branded promotional pens?

The main advantage of Parker promotional or incentive gifts is as follows:

  • Gifts for promotions are relatively low cost when compared to other advertising methods. Incentive gifts are kept and used by the recipients. Branded quality pens have the added benefit of being kept and used over extended periods.
  • Promotional Parker pens as well as Waterman and Rotring pens have high perceived value. Recipients are happy to receive them and the addition of your logo/company name it will keep your message in front of them longer.
  • Branded Parker pens – your logo can be either printed or engraved, making the presentation perfect for your target market. In addition to your logo we can also print or engrave your web address and telephone number making it easier for your clients to contact you.
  • Goodwill – receiving a printed Parker pen enhances the goodwill towards your company. When a client or staff member receives a branded Parker pen in a gift box it strengthens brand loyalty, goodwill and the feel good factor towards your business.
  • Incentive gifts can be given to customers as a reward, anniversary gift, marketing event, new product launch, exhibition gift.

We also have the facility to print your promotional message on the Parker gift box making the promotional gift even more memorable.

    Quality corporate gifts are the perfect motivator. Parker pens are the market leader , an iconic brand that is recognised worldwide.

    Using our services means you can take advantage of our unique experience in the understanding of the design brief, deadlines and your particular customisation needs.

    Make a powerful statement with Parker pens with your logo for your next promotion. Your reputation is at stake. Settle for nothing less than the best. Put your name on a quality product – trust our brands to build yours.

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