Printed Parker pens for Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail works, but with increasing competition from social media and email you need to make it work even harder. Whether you’re running a response based promotion, a third party campaign or CRM Parker printed pens turn in outstanding results and has done this consistently over time.


How do we know? We have supplied and organised many of the most successful campaigns that have used Parker printed pens over the past 20 years. Pens can be a dynamic motivator, using a quality product with high perceived value gives that ‘feel good factor’, giving a product that is used and kept instead of a cheap pen that is discarded immediately. A quality Parker branded pen keeps your message in front of customers longer. Call us today to find out more and how we can help increase your response and retention by using Parker printed pens.


We also supply visuals at no additional charge and all our prices include artwork, origination, single colour printing and courier delivery to one UK location, all Parker and Waterman pens are supplied with gift boxes.