At we supply branded promotional pens perfect for client gifts, lead generation, sales leads, exhibitions, promotions and long service awards. Across the range we have a pen solution to suit most requirements and most budgets.

Posted: Oct 24 2014

So whether you’re looking for branded pens, printed pens, engraved pens with great service, free visuals, free origination, free artwork and free courier delivery anywhere in the UK look no further we are


In the Parker range we have pens to suit every taste from the classic Parker Jotter right up to the exquisite Parker Duofold and in between you have Fountains pens, Ballpoint pens and Propelling pencils all offering the style and content you'd expect from Parker a leader in writing technology.

That technology is highlighted with the sheer innovation that is the Parker 5th Technology – so named as it offers a genuine fifth way of writing, following decades of fine writing being led by the fountain pen, ball point, roller ball and mechanical pencil the Parker 5TH was born out of extensive research into consumers’ needs. This work revealed an expectation for a single pen that combines the value of a metallic modern hood design, the superior experience of a soft writing feel and the convenience of a clean refill. Parker 5TH Technology is the world’s first writing system that answers these needs.

The result of this ground-breaking innovation is an effortlessly smooth, smart gliding feeling that adjusts to your writing style after just a few words. The innovation behind Parker 5TH Technology combines the ease and pleasure of writing with a stylish, high-end design, creating the perfect on-the-go pen that can travel with you anywhere.


If on the other hand you require some Parisian flair the Waterman range are the pens for you... skilfully made in France, every Waterman pen creatively echoes the genius of founder Lewis Edson Waterman, inventor of the first reliable fountain pen in 1883.

No two Waterman pen designs are alike they as unique as our clients with their own personality, using materials to delight creating pens that astonish, enchant and impress. Through a clever curve, a reassuring line, or a head-turning encounter of noble materials, the Waterman spirit of innovation gives wings to your most fanciful thoughts.

Waterman has an unequalled history of making writing a very special personal experience. Yours customers can experience this through pens like from the Graduate Fountain pen through to the truly crafted Corene with its satin or gloss lacquered barrel, an 18 caret solid gold rhodium-plated nib and silver plated trims true luxury at your fingertips.


If you’re looking for something slightly more technical in a pen then look at Rotring with a history that dates to 1928 and the desire to create the perfect writing instrument. An instrument that would write evenly, make carbon copies, not drip or blot. A tall order in the pre-ballpoint era! The result was an ink pen that used a tube instead of a nib - the Rotring Tiku or Inkograph.

It became a byword for precision writing. The Tiku was an innovative solution and since then the convergence of writing and drawing challenges through innovation has became the hallmark of the Rotring Company. In 1950 a dialogue with draftsmen and designers gave rise to the idea of further developing the Tiku tubular tip to create the world’s first technical pen - the original Rapidograph. It was refillable, created precise sharp-edged lines and had a capillary ink feed that gave a consistently smooth flow of ink. It set the standard, and indeed became synonymous with technical drawing used by engineers, draughtsmen and women the world over.

 Over the years the Rapidograph was followed by many other drawing products. Rotring created an interlinking system for the professional drafter, from compasses and templates to the latest generation of the Rapidograph. Functionality and technical perfection make Rotring drawing instruments symbols for quality and precision. They continue on in the tradition laid down by founder Wilhelm Riepe back in 1928.

Today Rotring provides a comprehensive system of products offering the optimum solution for every application within technical writing, drawing and design for professional drafters, students and individuals alike. Even though we live in a world dominated by computer drawing applications and advanced CAD/CAM systems the Red Bull F1 team has won four Constructors' Championship titles in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 with cars designed by Adrian Newey and his team that started life on his drawing board! Long live the pen....and Pencil!

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